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Besplatna dostava za sve narudžbe iznad 49,90 KM!

Besplatna dostava za sve narudžbe iznad 49,90 KM!

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Ceramica Intenso sloped pancake pan


Turn pacakes like a real chef with Intenso sloped pancake pan

Intenso sloped pancake pan (25 cm) for easy turning. No more shredded pancakes on you plate, its ideal for pancakes and tortillas. Black silicone enamel with ivory gold interior CermicaForte coating which is the #1 ceramic coating on the market:

  • up to 2x more durable*
  • up to 3x more non-stick*
  • up to 50% more scratch resistant*

*compared to the best existing ceramic coating on the market.

Ceramica Intenso sloped pancake pan
59,90 KM
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Informacije ukratko

Turn pacakes like a real chef with Intenso sloped pancake pan

Intenso sloped pancake pan (25 cm) for easy turning. No more shredded pancakes on you plate, its ideal for pancakes and tortillas. Black silicone enamel with ivory gold interior CermicaForte coating which is the #1 ceramic coating on the market:

  • up to 2x more durable*
  • up to 3x more non-stick*
  • up to 50% more scratch resistant*

*compared to the best existing ceramic coating on the market.

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Detaljnije o proizvodu

Finally, pancakes which you can turn in the air

Delimano presents Ceramica Intenso Sloped Pancake pan for easiest possible turning – no more shredded pancakes on your plate! Lined with super strong, super non-stick, scratch-resistant CeramicaForte interior coating with excellent heat conduction properties to ensure your pancakes are baked perfectly every time.

Intenso sloped pancake pan for simple preparation of soft, delicious pancakes

Have you ever given up on making pancakes because they were sticking to the bottom, tearing or even full of holes? Would you like to make pancakes without excess oil and then they end up looking like an omelet? Why don’t you enjoy in soft, delicious, golden yellow pancakes which you can easily make in the Delimano pancake pan!

NEW! Try Nr. 1 Ceramic Coating on the Market!

Sick & tired of food sticking to the pan? Do you love ceramic cookware but hate to see the scratches despite handling the cookware with care? To save you from your cooking trouble, Delimano came up with the best ceramic coating in the market - CeramicaForte - that will sure impress you with its amazing cooking skills.

  • Up to 50% more scratch resistant*

  • Up to 2 times more durable*

  • Up to 3x more non-stick*

*Compared to the best existing ceramic coating on the market

Get to know 6 Supreme Benefits of Delimano Intenso Line!

  • 1. Best Ceramic Coating on the Market Today

    New CeramicaForte coating won’t scratch, chip or flake. Anti-stain and more non-stick, scratch resistant and durable than other brands, this innovative alternative presents the best cookware solution on the market today.

  • 2. Ergonomic Soft Touch Handles Feature Integrated Thermo Sensor

    You’re sure to love the ergonomic soft touch handles that feature a practical built-in thermo sensor which turns Delimano orange when hot.

  • 3. Only a drop of oil

    Exclusive Ceramic coating will enable you to cook healthier meals with only a drop of oil without sticking the food to the surface. This way your meals will have less calories and cholesterol, and your dieting goals will be much easier to catch.

  • 4. Black silicon enamel in the Sophisticated but Modern Italian Style

    Made in Italy, pots and pans of the Delimano Ceramica Intenso are made with an attractive modern design: black silicone enamel exterior coating with matching ivory gold ceramic coating on the inside. A sleek and sophisticated style to fit every modern household.

  • 5. Helping you make Better Lifestyle Choice

    What’ more, ceramic coating is natural and organic, contains no PFOA and is made in a more environmentally sustainable production process due to lower emissions of CO2. So you’ll not only be doing your health a favour – you’ll also be making more responsible lifestyle choice.

  • 6. Promotes Healthier Eating with Better Taste

    A perfect heat conductor, CeramicaForte interior coating effectively seals food that’s placed on a hot surface to lock in nutritious ingredients and retain punchy flavour.

How it works

Ceramics Cooks Quicker to Save Time and Money

Ceramics is ideal for fast and healthy cooking because it provides professional heat conduction and quick heating, making it very advantageous for cooking or boiling while allowing you to save on precious time and energy.

Combining Top Quality Materials with Best Performance

All pots and pans of the Delimano Intensio are designed with top quality materials: forged aluminium base with black silicone enamel exterior coating and ivory gold ceramic coating on the inside.

Extremely Easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe

Ceramics is a PTFE-free alternative based on sol-gel-technology (which means that the ceramic coating is sprayed without using any glue) that results in a dense and compact film which is always smooth and non-porous. This means food won’t stick to the pan and cleaning is made easy and free of hassle.

Includes a 2-Year Warranty

Delimano CeramicaForte products can easily become permanent elements of your kitchen as the attributes of their coating remains the same year after year. The premium quality of the Delimano collection is certified by a 2 year warranty.

Suitable for

  • lovers of crepes and pancakes who are eager to serve perfect results every time
  • anyone looking for a practical and easy to clean pancake pan
  • anyone who is tired of shredded crepes and pancakes that stick to the pan
  • those looking for a robust, anti-stain and scratch resistant pan
  • those looking for the best quality cookware available on the market today
  • those who want to prepare healthier and better tasting meals for their families
  • individuals who follow more responsible lifestyle choice
  • anyone who prefers the robust but modern and elegant authentic Italian style

Tehnical information

  • Size: 25cm diameter
  • Material exterior: forged aluminium base with silicon enamel exterior coating
  • Material interior: eco-friendly and long-lasting Delimano CeramicaForte coating
  • Special Features: Ergonomically designed soft touch handles with integrated thermo-sensor
  • Maintenance: dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistance: up to 450° C
  • Suitable for: gas burners, classic electric hob cookers, glass ceramic hobs & including induction hubs.

Material Properties

  • PTFE and PFOA-free
  • up to 50% better scratch resistance*
  • up to 3 times more non-stick*
  • up to 2 times as durable*

*compared to the best existing ceramic coating on the market.

Tehničke informacije
Dimenzija(e) 25 cm
Dozvoljeno pranje u perilici posuđa Da
Garancija 2 godine
Osnovni materijal aluminij
Otpornost na toplinu 450°C
Senzor topline Da
Težina 0.7 kg
Unutrašnji materijal CeramicaForte
Vrsta štednjaka ceran, indukcija, plin

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